Supractiv Complete 8 Day Challenge

Consumer trials have shown that 98% of the consumers found a perceivable difference within 8 days. In a study conducted by Ipsos Indica Market Research Pvt.Ltd, Supractiv Complete was taken by 900 consumers, feedback was collected on the 7th day and 98% saw a perceptible improvement in their health in that time.
If you are not satisfied with the product, return the empty strip and the bill of purchase along with your complete address and phone number to: Complete 8 Day Challenge, C/o Alpha Data Centre, PO Box No.3904, Girgaum HPO, Mumbai 400004.
Money back offer is valid only for purchase of 8s strips of Supractiv Complete Offer Pack. The MRP of the products Rs.60/- and the offer price is Rs.50/- The liability of Piramal Healthcare Ltd. shall under no circumstances exceed Rs.50/-.
Product efficacy depends on internal usage as per recommendation and individual results may vary.
No refund claims will be accepted after 31st July 2011. No claims submitted without required contact information will be entertained. All disputes will be subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction.